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Welcome to the Regional Directorate of Northern Culture’s (DRCN) online shop, where unique objects honour the rich heritage of our Museums and Monuments and carry with them the history and memory of the north of Portugal’s unique culture.


Find creations designed to embody the spaces that inspired them and, at the same time, distinguished in what makes them unique. Browse our books, catalogues and the “North Heritage” collection, with virtual tours, videos, documentaries, sound recordings and 3D modelling, covering such themes as Heritage Rehabilitation, Conservation, Preservation and Restoration, Historical, Archaeological and Ethnological Research, the Arts, Architecture and Museology.

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All are part of the DRCN’s new merchandising line, distinguished by the Portuguese Museology Association with the APOM 2021 Award in the category of Cultural Marketing and Merchandising. Now with a new online platform that is an open invitation to (re)discover Portugal’s North Heritage.

We continue to work to bring you new exclusive articles inspired by the richness and diversity of our Museums and Monuments’ collections. We favour Portuguese sourced articles, addressing environmental and social sustainability.

Knowing that we can be part of your memories is an enormous pride for us. With equal pride we thank you for also being part of our History.

Your invaluable purchase supports the study, conservation and dissemination of the artistic heritage entrusted to the Regional Directorate of Northern Culture.

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