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D. Diogo de Sousa Museum

Opening Hours

10:00 am – 5:30 pm, Tuesday to Sunday

Closed to the public: 1st January; Easter Sunday; 1st May; 25th December; 24th June (municipal holiday)

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Discover the D. Diogo

de Sousa Museum

About the D. Diogo de Sousa Museum

Created in 1918, the D. Diogo de Sousa Archaeology Museum has been open to the public since June 2007, after renovation that led to the construction of a new building in Braga’s most significant archaeological area.

D. Diogo de Sousa Museum

About the Museum

With a collection beginning with the first manifestations of human occupation and spanning all the way to the city’s integration into the Roman Empire, today D. Diogo de Sousa Museum is a reference and an obligatory stop for those who want to learn about Bracara Augusta.

In addition to the imported objects from all over the empire, the permanent exhibition displays the way in which technical innovations influenced the local development of industrial-type activities linked to the production of ceramic, metal and glass objects. These in turn contributed to an increase in trade and supported major transformations in the field of architecture.

Featured collection

Also of note is the recent “Bühler-Brockhaus Collection”, a donation by Hans-Peter Bühler and Marion Bühler-Brockhaus, consisting of about 300 works from classical antiquity and bringing together a wide range of objects from different origins and decades, mostly from the Egyptian, Greek, Etruscan and Roman periods.

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