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“Pauliteiros” Microfibre Cloth


This microfibre cloth reproduces a detail of a traditional portuguese dance. Useful for cleaning glasses, cameras, mobile phones, CD/DVDs, screens and jewellery.

Inspired by:

Pauliteiros | Traditional Portuguese dancers. Domingos Rebelo (author), Portugal, 1943, oil on canvas

Since ancient times, the people of Miranda discovered, adapted and used various instruments for daily life, whether in the countryside, at home, in church or in public places, in pagan, civil or religious traditions.

The pauliteiros dance is part of Miranda’s identity, although it is not exclusive to this region.

The pauliteiros are made up of groups of men or, more recently, of women, who perform dances by beating “paus” (sticks), accompanied by a “gaiteiro” (bagpiper), a “bombo” (base-drum) and “caixa” (drum) player, and may also be accompanied by a “tamborileiro”, who plays a flute and a tambourine at the same time. Some groups also use castanets in some songs and choreographies.

Watching the Pauliteiros dance is always a unique spectacle, not to be missed.

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Dimension: 17 x 15 cm
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